The New Commandments

By Chuck | March 6, 2010

1. Do not condemn people on the basis of their ethnicity or their color.

2. Do not ever even think of using people as private property or as owned or as slaves.

3. Despise those who use violence or the threat of it in sexual relations.

4. Hide your face and weep if you dare to harm a child.

5. Do not condemn people for their inborn nature—why would God create so many homosexuals only in order to torture and destroy them?

6. Be aware that you too are an animal and dependent on the web of nature, and think and act accordingly.

7. Do not imagine that you can escape judgment if you rob people with a false prospectus rather than with a knife.

8. Turn off that fucking cell phone—you have no idea how unimportant your call is to us.

9. Denounce all jihadists and crusaders for what they are: psychopathic criminals with ugly delusions and terrible sexual repressions.

10. Be willing to renounce any god or any faith if any holy commandments should contradict any of the above.

In short: Do not swallow your moral code in tablet form.

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Bart Stupak Has Given Me a Wonderful Idea.

By Chuck | November 17, 2009

The Stupak Amendment, if you have been living under a rock, is an amendment to Affordable Health Care for America Act that will not allow Government supplied or subsidized heath care plans “to pay for any abortion or to cover any part of the costs of any health plan that includes coverage of abortion”. It was voted in to the House version of the health care bill. In simpler language it is nothing but an attempt to limit access to abortion. Abortion is legal. End of story. Access to it should not be limited by some rich old white guy that will never need one. Never the less, it was voted in.

Why did he introduce this amendment? Because he is morally opposed to abortion and doesn’t think that tax dollars should go to something a taxpayer is morally opposed to. Well shit, I didn’t know I had a choice on where my tax dollars went. I would like to thank Michigan Democratic Representative Bart Stupak for enlightening me.

Now that I know that morals effect my taxes I would like to that this time to mention that I am morally opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am morally opposed to government funding of faith-based initiatives. I think this means I am due for a refund. You know what, screw it, I don’t need the few bucks back. Keep it. Just do me a favor and split what I am owed between health care and the space program.

P.S. Here is a list of Democrats that voted in favor of this amendment:
If one of yours is on this list make sure to let them know how you feel.

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By Phil | June 7, 2009

Recently, the following letter appeared in the Buffalo News’ “Everybody’s Column”:

“As a graduate of Lafayette High School, I must comment on The News story discussing Board of Education plans for closing it, and the editorial urging action “without worrying about . . . history.”

Buffalo didn’t worry about history when the Larkin Building was torn down. Albright-Knox didn’t worry when it sold priceless art treasures. The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. isn’t worrying, subsuming one of two great nexuses of American immigration (the other is Ellis Island), and burying the Canal District under a Bass Pro-inspired project.

Lafayette is Buffalo’s oldest public high school still in its original (nationally historic) building, the educational font for hundreds of local and nationally known professionals: Judge Joseph Mattina, architect Gordon Bunshaft, The News’ Pulitzer Prize-winning Bruce Shanks and many others.

It has been renovated and refurbished, with energy-efficient windows and a new library and cupola. Its Steinway piano was rebuilt, and its carillon reactivated; both with funds from the city’s most active public school alumni association. We raised more than $30,000 at the 100th Anniversary celebration, attended by graduates from the years 1931 through 2001.

The board should keep Lafayette open, and encourage West Side families to view it as the great community asset that it is, and to send their children there.

Angela Bongiovanni Coniglio


My first inclination was to write my own damn letter to the Buffalo News, but I realized that I would not be able to use the language nessecary to convey my true feelings about Angela’s comments.

Read the signature– ANGELA LIVES IN FUCKING AMHERST.  Angela, like so many other scared folk, left the City of Buffalo screaming for the suburbs, and now has the audacity to suggest that “West Side Families” should send their kids to Lafayette.  Now, in Angela’s defense, maybe she doesn’t have kids.  Maybe she can’t have kids for all I know.  Maybe she moved to Amherst because she inherited a house.  I don’t know.  What I do know is Angela has no right getting up on her soapbox criticizing the city for considering closing Lafayette High School.

Personally, I agree with Angela– closing Lafayette would be a huge mistake.  As a resident of the West Side, I see Lafayette as tradition, an institution, and as an architecture buff, I agree, it’s a beautiful building.  Kids are bussed in from all over the city to attend Lafayette, and from what I can tell, the staff there are trying to fight the good fight.  But this woman sits in her home in the suburbs and suggests that West Side families should send their kids there in hopes of… what?  Changing the demographic of the student body? Making it more like it was when she attended classes?  If she does have children (and again, I don’t know the answer to that), where do they go to school?

I’m sure Angela has Buffalo’s and Lafayette High School’s best interest at heart.  But she ran.  She’s part of the problem.

I bought something on Craigslist recently.  The woman I spoke to was very nice.  She lived in Amherst.   She even offered to deliver the item.

“Where do you live?” she asked.

“In the city, on the West Side,” I replied.

Silence. Then, “Maybe you should come pick it up.”

The City of Buffalo is in the state that it is because people left.  People got scared and ran away.  And people are too scared to even set foot within it’s boundaries.

Angela, thank you for being an active alumnus and donating to the building’s renovation, but if you are so concerned about Lafayette High School, move back to the West Side.  Buy one of those nice homes in the Elmwood Village. Become part of the community, instead of sending letters to the Buffalo News.

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Year Six.

By Chuck | March 19, 2009

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq. 5 years, 10 months, 19 days since Bush declared mission accomplished and and end to major combat operations in Iraq. 4258 confirmed U.S. deaths. 4577 total coalition deaths. An unknown, and probably never fully known, number of Iraqi deaths.
And the fact remains:
We went in there based on a lie.
It was a motherfucking lie and yet still I see people on television defending Bush and his crew for this shit. Every goddamned day.
Every fucking time I hear someone say that this war was a good idea I have the strongest urge to punch them directly in their motherfucking neck.
As the war continues to roll on and the bodies continue to pile up I can’t help but wonder what we can even do now. Can we safely pull out now? Would the government of Iraq be stable enough? The honest answer is: No one knows. But the fact remains that we shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Afghanistan? Fine. We should have gone there. It was grossly mishandled and then ignored in favor of Iraq but I still maintain that sending troops into Afghanistan was the proper course of action. Iraq? No. There was no link between the attack on the World Trade Center and Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction. What there was is a U.S. president with the need to show up his daddy and make a name for himself and a vice president with a hunger for oil and the ability to lie until the populace is scared.
Think about how many people died because we were so easily scared.

Even Cheney said back in 1994 that invading Iraq would be a bad idea.

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By Kelly | January 20, 2009

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